Baaaaaahhhhhh, finally got time write the site in php, first when i made this site i didn't know that it they used php on the projects webspace, but they did, otherwise you wouldn't se this page =).
Here is a list of what you find in the links to the right:
Download - This is where you are going to find the latest Core packages.. source tarball, rpm and deb

Development - Here you will find information about the current development state, with time i'll put a ChangeLog thats automatically updated with CVS updates.

News - This is the first page, and here im going to put the latest news about core.

Support - Here you can find out how to get help if you encounter any problems related to core.

Screenshots - Here you have some screenshots on core.

Themes - THEMES!!!!!! Here you can download themes for core, i'll also put i theming howto when i get time =).

About - And a page for us who develop Core... Maybe you find this disintresting, but i thought it would be cool to have one.

This site was created by Christopher Rosendahl (aka smugg)